Live support chat for PrestaShop

Integrate with your PrestaShop website


If you host your own PrestaShop website and want to chat with your customers in real-time please follow the steps below.

How to install

  1. Create your free account at
  2. Click on Download Module and download the module.
  3. Go into your PrestaShop Dashboard and select MODULES > Modules.
  4. Click on Add a new module.
  5. Click on Choose a file, select (the module you have downloaded in step 2) and click on Upload this module.
  6. Click on Install and install the HTMLbox module.
  7. In HTMLbox configuration click on Editor Off.
  8. In Where to display HTMLbox? select footer:.
  9. Copy your LiveSupporti code snippet from here by clicking on Classic, Modern or Air.
  10. Go back to your PrestaShop Dashboard, paste your LiveSupporti code snippet into the Editor of HTMLbox and click on Save Settings.
  11. Click on My shop and you can see your live chat on your PrestaShop website!

Watch the video