Live support chat plugin for Joomla!

Integrate with your Joomla! website


LiveSupporti extension for Joomla! allows you to add live support chat on your Joomla! website so you can chat with your visitors. It is quick and easy to integrate following the steps below.

How to install

  1. Create your free account at
  2. Log into your Site Administration and click on Extension Manager from Extensions menu (or Extensions > Manage > Install).
  3. Choose your .zip file from Upload Package File and click on Upload & Install.
  4. Click on Plug-in Manager from Extensions menu (or Extensions > Plugins), enable Free Live Support Chat plugin and click on it.
  5. Copy your product key from (click on Options) and paste it into LiveSupporti Product Key.
  6. Click on Save & Close. You're done!

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